Be Clear Sinus Blend Roll On

Be Clear Sinus Blend Roll On


Penetrating Eucalyptus and Peppermint make this the perfect solution for feelings of congestion. This blend cools the sinuses, relieves muscle tension in the head and neck, and lifts the spirits. It will make yournose feel more open and clear.

Peppermint and Eucalyptus have the added effect of clearing the thoughts and encouraging concentration!

This roll-on is made in a concentration that is safe to use throughout the day as needed. Just roll it on your wrists so that you can smell it from time to time, or at the base of the nostrils and between the eyebrows. Just be careful around the eye area, because even though be clear is all natural and won't cause any permanent damage- it really doesn't feel good in the eye (I have tried it)!

This listing is for one .33 FL OZ (10ml) bottle

What Customers have thought:

Love this! Smells absolutely divine and seems to help quite a bit with my frequent sinus and tension headaches. The problems just seem to melt away, obviously preferable to medications that just cover up the problem and pain. - Lex

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