Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress Essential Oil

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Cypress is warm and woody with a dry finish with a slightly evergreen scent.  The scent is a base note and lingers, making a great base to stabilize blends.

Cypress is a an relaxing oil that is great to use when you are undergoing stress and tension. It is perfect for massage oil blends - where a good reference dilution would be 20 drops of essential oil for each ounce of carrier or base oil.

Cypress is also an excellent oil to use in a diffuser!
Cupressus sempervirens
Origin: Crete
Distilled from the leaves

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I use the highest quality essential oils sourced from around the world. I feel that much like wine, essential oils have terroir, and are the most potent therapeutically if they are grown in the part of the world where they have grown for centuries. For this reason the best Frankincense comes from Africa, the best Sandalwood from India... Every batch of essential oils that I sell has been tested by Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) to ensure consistent quality.

The statements in this listing have not been evaluated by the FDA and this product is not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease. Please consult your physician for any ongoing medical conditions. Essential oils should not be taken internally and should not be applied to the skin without first diluting them. Avoid using essential oils if you are pregnant or nursing.

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