Eucalyptus Essential Oil - Eucalyptus smithii

Eucalyptus Essential Oil - Eucalyptus smithii

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An essential oil in the Eucalyptus family, Eucalyptus Smithii has the same fresh and green scent, with a slight hint of Peppermint. It can be used all of the same ways that you would use other varieties of Eucalyptus for a slightly different aroma.

Smithii is an excellent synergistic oil for respiratory and muscle ache blends, and it is great in a room diffuser or humidifier to calm and cleanse the air of harmful pathogens during the cold and flu season.

Like many essential oils It is also a balancing oil, and it has been found to refresh and give energy in th morning while it calms and restores restfulness in the evening!

It works great in massage oils, room diffusers, mists,  or a few drops with a warm, moist compress.
Eucalyptus smithii
origin: Australia
Steam distilled from the leaves

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