Juniper Essential Oil - Juniper Berry

Juniper Essential Oil - Juniper Berry

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Juniper Berry is an oil considered to bring spiritual enlightenment and improve self- esteem. It is spiritually cleansing and removes false and negative energies. It is sometimes used to cleanse and clear crystals.

Juniper is antiseptic and make a great diffuser oil to clean a room. The scent is woody/ sweet with alight aroma of pine needles. It is a clean, very penetrating, evergreen scent.

It is calming, but will not make your head foggy and sedate you like Clary Sage and Chamomile. Juniper also makes a great body mist for emotional stress. Mix it with cedarwood, lemon, chamomile, rosewood, cypress, fir, or orange.

Juniper Essential Oil
Juniperus communis
Origin: Russia
Steam distilled from the berries

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