Herbal Relief Oil Nasal Emollient

Herbal Relief Oil Nasal Emollient


This nasal emollient oil is specially designed to soothe and protect the delicate tissue inside the nose which are assaulted by cold winter air and dry heated environments. It cools with just the slightest amount of eucalyptus essential oil, and pine essential oil lends it a pleasant scent that relieves that feeling of tightness in the nose and head, and also helps to open the nose.

 It I was first exposed to nasal oils following sinus surgery in 1999. I have learned after years of dealing with sinus irritation and infections that it is helpful to keep the nasal passages from getting too dry and irritated.

How to use a nasal oil:
Lying on your back tilt your head slightly back and drop two drops in each nostril (It's always nice to have a helper with this, if possible...) You will then feel the cooling oils on the back of the throat.  If you have used nasal saline this will be a familiar feeling. Herbal Relief Oil will ease tightness and encourage the flow and release of mucous. A couple of drops at bedtime encourages relief in the morning.

Customer feedback:

My fiance has horrible sinus problems to the point where he has to "fumigate" with a personal humidifier every morning, along with decongestants and nasal sprays...this has helped him immensely to the point where he's no longer using his meds every single day/multiple times a day. He's pumped about it and snores less, so I'm beyond happy!  -Krista E

Works like a charm. I am really really happy I bought this!   -MM

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