Be Focused Aromatherapy Blend

Be Focused Aromatherapy Blend

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Be Focused is a potent blend that helps increase mental focus and clarity as well as physical energy. It is a synergy of oils that clarify the mind and support concentration. It makes a wonderful study aid and clears the head to make decisions. The scent is a fresh and bright evergreen with an undertone of spiciness.

Be Focused includes:
Elemi - Clears the mind and increases energy
Rosemary - Increases mental and physical energy as well as focus
Basil - Sets intention, increases energy
Peppermint - Alertness and focus, clarity and energy
Cardamom - Uplifting, reduces mental fatigue
Black Pepper - Alertness, stamina

Do not use this blend close to bedtime!

It is best inhaled by rubbing a couple of drops between your palms to warm them and then inhaling the oils as they diffuse. It also works well on a tissue in your pocket. It is also available as a Roll On Blend and Aromatherapy Mist.

With each blend I included a fact sheet with ways you can use your essential oils.

This listing is for one bottle.

The statements in this listing have not been evaluated by the FDA and this product is not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease. Please consult your physician for any ongoing medical conditions. Essential oils should not be taken internally or applied to the skin without first diluting them. Avoid using essential oils if you are pregnant or nursing.

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