Sleep Tight Bath Tea

Sleep Tight Bath Tea


Relax in a luxurious all natural bath tea made from dried Chamomile, Calendula, Hibiscus, and Lavender flowers whose natural scents have been enhanced with the addition of essential oils fixed in the slightest amount of carrier oil to retain their potency.

The primary ingredient is Chamomile to induce a deep relaxation, and this tea is best used just before bedtime when you want to be able to have a restful night sleep.

Just fill the enclosed reusable tea bag and let it hang on the spigot of your tub as it fills, turning your whole bath into a relaxing tea.

This listing is for one 9 oz. reusable apothecary glass container with a natural cork stopper and a reusable muslin tea bag.

The information in this listing is not intended to be a cure for any disorder or disease, or a replacement for medical advice

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