Sleep Tight Git Set

Sleep Tight Git Set


This gift set is perfect for someone who needs help winding down. It combines a relaxing Chamomile Bath Tea with my Sleep Tight Aromatherapy Mist, in which I have blended essential oils that relax the mind and body and promote restful sleep.

This set includes:
Chamomile Bath Tea (9 fl oz) with reusable muslin tea bag
Sleep Tight Aromatherapy Mist (2 fl oz)
Shipped with gift box, wrap as shown, and a gift tag  
Sleep Tight Mist
This mist can be used on the body, as well as on the pillow and bed linens to promote a general sense of relaxation and calm, and lead to better sleep.

French Fine High Altitude Lavender is rich in Linalool, which has been proven to slow the nervous system down by actually slowing the rate at which neurons fire. For more concrete research I have used it on my 10 year old- and it has definitely slowed the rate at which he fires!

Lavender also calms agitation and anxiety. This blend also contains Roman Chamomile, long revered in herbal teas for it's ability to promote sleep.

The results of the Sleep Tight blend are soft and unobtrusive. Essential Oils will not knock you out- or leave you groggy the next morning! They give your nervous system just the slightest nudge in the right direction.
Chamomile Bath Tea
Relax in a luxurious all natural bath tea made from dried Chamomile, Calendula, Hibiscus, and Lavender flowers whose natural scents have been enhanced with the addition of essential oils fixed in the slightest amount of carrier oil to retain their potency. Essential oils affect the body when they are inhaled, and also as they absorb through the open pores of the skin while in a bath.

The primary ingredient is Chamomile to induce a deep relaxation, and this tea is best used just before bedtime when you want to be able to have a restful night sleep.

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